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Stock Code 900 HIE 001


If you indicate the data we request as fallow, we can manufacture the stars and screw feedings system according to your needs.

Entry Pitch: Bottle Diameter

Exit Pitch: Star Pitch

ØB: Bottle Diameter+5 mm

E: Number of endless guide entries

Np: Number of passes o turns

Vida Yiv Yönü/Screw thread direction: Right thread in this diagram

Stock Code 900 HIE 001
Ø Ae Entry side hole  
Ø As Exit side hole  
Ø B Bootle diameter  
Ø De* Brooch diameter  
Ø Dt Total diameter  
Ø Dn Front core diameter  
Ø Df Back core diameter  
E Max diameter  
Entry cone degrees  
L Length  
Lc Entry cone length  
Lt Total length  
Pe Entry pitch  
Ps Exit pitch  
R Radius