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963 50,8 NUB TOP BELT

Pitch 50.8mm
Thickness  16mm
Open Surface Ratio (%) Flat Top 0%
Width  254mm
Widthness 20mm 
Colour White/Blue/Gray
Cleanability Average                     (FDA Food Grade)
Pin Diameter 6,3mm
Major Diameter Up to the sprocket dimensions
Cleat Available              Height: 50 - 70mm
Side Indent Application Available                





Stock Code P Color L Material  PIN Chain Strength (N/m) Kg / m2
963 B01 K01  50,8 

White (B)

Blue (M)


Gray (G)

PA 29500 8,967 m
963 B01 K02 PP 26500
963 B02 K01
PA 39950 15,000
963 B02 K02 PP 36500


ALHAN® belts with smooth linear surface have a locking system that can be easily changed in case of damage to the (modular) mesh tape in the dimensions you want. It is compatible with various industries – 46 +110 (It can be applied with different materials for places that require special working conditions.) When you prefer long conveyor lines, our ALHAN 50,8 mm pitch (2 inch) mesh belts are preferred in the following situations. It does not require much supervision due to its high strength properties. ALHAN (modular) belts for healthy transportation is long-lasting, requires less maintenance and saves energy. ALHAN (modular) belts have less initial investment and are an innovative product.

Polyacetal (POM) Plastic (modular) mesh belts are the solution for frozen products – they can work at 46 +70 degrees.

Polypropylene (PP) Plastic (modular) mesh tapes are more resistant to acidic basic and salty environments at +1 + 110 degrees.

Model 963 (modular) raised rib belt surface is flat and smooth, and is suitable for the food industry with its clean structure. It has FDA food grade document approval.

The industrial areas of the usage of 50,8mm flat top modular belt;



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Polypropylene (PP)                                +1                                                        +110                                                                  
Polyacetal (POM) -46 +70
Polyethylene (PE) -60 +65



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