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Soft Drinks and Canned Sector

Past of beverage bottling industry environment was the use of high-speed and very noisy working metal chains. Nowadays plastic modular belt system reduces the noise level to very acceptable rate. The use of metal chains requires not only high cost of maintenance, but also large consumption of lubricant to reduce its friction coefficient and premature wear. Low maintenance costs of plastic material and lack of lubrication requirement increases the plastic modular belt preferrence. ALHAN 12.7 mm pitch modular belt has working capacity with a very low noise even at  150 m/min conveyor speed. Wine production is transfering from the method used by our ancestors to the modern method in order to achieve the best quality with technological system which is complex and requires expensive techniques derived from studies and detailed care. Wine is derived from the system where the combination of soil, plants and solid fruit exists. For all of those  there are requirements of necessary care of the transport system and careful refrigeration of grapes. The most famous wineries has been using modular belts in this sector for a few years.