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Plastic Impeller and Flywheel holders

DSH model machine wheel arms (Flywheel grips) is an arm used for forward adjustment of the circular opening and closing shafts of the machines on their own axis. Its material is reinforced polyamide. It can be immediately separated from low quality bakelite material in the market as it is a polyamide material. (Because the impact resistance of the bakelite material is low, so that if you accidentally fall on the floor, the bakelite product breaks. You cannot see this in the reinforced polyamide material. Therefore, its impact resistance and mechanical properties are high. In addition, thanks to the spring mechanism of the handle, the fact that it closes when the job is done and does not take up space makes it a useful product in terms of work safety. It is a product that facilitates movement (ie ergonomic). There are products of various diameters. This group of products; It is perfect for those who want to use quality products because it combines aesthetics and functionality. However, the material differs from bakelite products because it is an environmentally friendly product.