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Pitch 63,5mm
Thickness  28 - 38mm
Width 40mm  
Colour White/Gray
Cleanability Average
Pin Diameter 10mm
Major Diameter Up to the sprocket dimension


ALHAN Crate Chain with 63.5 mm pitch is both hygienic, comfortable and FDA approved like many ALHAN products, ALHAN Crate Chain is preferably a plastic chain suitable for plastic, wooden case and box transportation. Especially in the food industry, it is preferred over white and red meat processing plants.

The case transport chain sprocket is available in a variety of diameters and teeth. ALHAN Chassis Transport Chain sprocket is available in various diameters and teeth. Since the hole sizes will be produced upon your request, please specify the hole sizes when ordering.

For example, D25 in 380 D25 K08 represents the keyed hole size.

855 - 857 - 858 series Skids used for smooth linear bearing of Alhan frame conveyor belts are also produced, the material is Alpolen UHMW 1000, please also consider the bearing issue. Correct bedding and material selection extends the life of this type of plastic chain.



Stock Code RM PIN P Material Kg / m Meter
859 B00 POM 650 Stainless Steel
AISI 304
63,5 POM White 0,843    3,048
859 S00 POM POM Black
859 G00 POM  POM Grey
859 B00 PP PP White
859 S00 PP PP Black
859 S00 PP PP Grey


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